SAGALAKAYU was founded in 2016 by PT Gladia 98 Bakti Cemerlang, young spirited design & architectural firm that specialized in design and construction of building, interior, and furniture in Indonesia since 1998. As the company grows, the owners see that a home décor product with daily organizer feature - and furniture product with simple design yet high utility, could help people improving their daily life to be more productive.  

Dedicated especially to urban youth, with their busy life and multiple roles, our vision is to create aesthetic and highly functional products to be used in common spaces, small spaces. Combination of the simplicity of Nordic design and the honest beauty of Indonesian tropical hardwood, SAGALAKAYU provides everyone with high quality products that create a personal style in every home.


We design our products with purpose to simplify daily life. We believe with the minimalist design and high functionality, our products could create a difference in every home, both for the eyes and the necessity to create organized space at each corner. No more hours and energy spent on finding your essential things because they are scattered around the house. We believe an organized home creates a peaceful mind.