Inside SAGALAKAYU’s creative lab, we combine machine and handmade process to create high quality yet unique products. We use machines and technologies to make our work more effective.


Having to accentuate its nature of materials / wood, we apply an open pore technique, which require careful process in order to create products that are attractive, functional, and affordable. This is when, our expert craftsmen, whose extensive experience and knowledge in wooden materials, are playing parts to ensure smooth and customer-safe products.



Our selections of raw material are local hardwood and legally certified and sourced from Perhutani. We try to be as sustainable as possible and working hard and carefully designing our products to avoid more waste and mess.


The final coating for protection of the wood material and also for aesthetic look, we proudly applying green chemicals supported by Indonesian local manufacturer BIOINDUSTRIES. Therefore our products ensured to be environmental friendly and non-toxically. Each of BIOINDUSTRIES products is formulated with regards to the standards regulatory of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) REACH Regulation and the US - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which regulates the safety standard of chemicals on human health and environment.  (http://www.bioindustries.co.id/about-bio/sertifikasi-bio-industries)